Meet the Pastor


            Prophetess Cynthia Elaine Johnson was born in Montezuma Georgia and raised in Dooly County Georgia in the small town of Pinehurst. Her parents are Charlie Hicks and Lessie Hicks. She received her childhood education in the Dooly County School System. She is blessed with two beautiful children; Cierrah E’leise (27) her daughter; Courtney Ge’Vawn (25), her son.

            At age 18, Prophetess Johnson joined the United States Army. She retired from the United States Army as a First Sergeant in 2009, after having served 20 years. She has served in many countries including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Panama and South Korea. She has also served in many stateside assignments including Fort Drum, New York; the Pentagon; Fort Riley, Kansas, and Fort Campbell, Kentucky. While serving in the Army, she attended and graduated from Central Texas College with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. She has also completed a Bachelor’s of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from American Military University, a Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling (Marriage and Family) from Liberty University, an Associates in Early Childhood Care and Education from American Military University and the Doctor of Ministry, (Pastoral Counseling) from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

           In 2001, she was sent to Daegu, South Korea; where she started attending the Camp Walker Collective Protestant Gospel service, under Bishop Nelson K. and Evangelist Lillian Williams (Presiding Prelate and First Lady, Unity Christian Fellowship International, Virginia, She met her spiritual parents, Bishop Kendall and Pastor LaYona Washington (Faith Temple Christian Center International, Germany,, who poured tremendously into her life. She served as an usher, in the choir, the Hospitality Ministry, a member of the Praise and Worship, the Youth Department (Assistant Director and Director), and Sunday School Department as a teacher for adults and the youth. Bishop Williams and The Washingtons were transferred to other assignments but the spirit filled teaching continued as she started to serve at the New Dimensional Christian Ministry, Camp Henry under Bishop Michael and Evangelist Martha Collins, where she acknowledged her call into the ministry and united with the Holy Deliverance Church of God Foundation of Truth. Under the leadership of Apostle Bennie L. Kelly she was ordained in 2004 as a minister. In 2005 she was ordained as Evangelist. In 2007, after seeking the Lord, the Lord showed her through Jeremiah 1-3 and she began to understand that she had a greater calling on her life. She acknowledged the Prophetic anointing on her life and was licensed as such in 2011 and she now walks in the Office of the Prophet as God has ordained for her and is under the leadership and covering of Bishop Ernest and Elect Lady Noretta Edwards, her spiritual parents, Unity Christian Fellowship International Ministries, Huntsville, Alabama,

            Prophetess Johnson has completed countless hours of studying the Bible. She continues to study the Word of God daily. She has completed the following studies:

  • Prophetic Mentoring-(Understanding the Prophetic), Introduction to the Prophetic, Role of the Prophetic, Prophetic Purpose, Lifestyle of the Prophetic, Intercessors/Seers/True Intercession, Message of the Prophets/Prophetic Speaking, Prophetic Times/Timing/ Prophetic Season - 2011, New Church of the Living God-Junction City, Kansas- instructed by Pastor, Prophet Keith Douglas- Kingdom of God World Outreach Center- Oklahoma

  • Government of a Healthy Church, Qualifications for Ministry, The Holy Spirit is Your Helper, Discerning the Voice of God, Five-fold Ministry, Spiritual Gifts, Revelatory Gifts, Prophecy Gifts, Office of Prophet, Government, Protocol, and the Ministry of Prophecy, Judging Prophecy- Qara Prophetic School- 2012, New Church of the Living God-Junction City, Kansas- instructed by Prophetess Jackie Harewood- Faith City International Ministries- Louisiana

  • Church Administration- Introduction to Church Administration, Risk Management, Proper Internal Controls, Copyright Laws and Churches, Keys to Church Growth pt. 1 and 2, Financial Accountability/Love Offerings & More- 2014, Unity Christian Fellowship International Ministries- Woodbridge, Virginia- instructed by Dr. Pamela Smith- Equipping Ministries- North Carolina

  • Purely Prophetic- Qualifications for Becoming a Prophet or Prophetic, Dealing with Prophetic Giftings and Callings, Means of Prophetic Communication, Hearing the Voice of the Lord, The Purpose of the Prophet, Examining Prophetic Lifestyle, Overcoming the Spirit of Fear, The Significance of Prophetic Ministry, Opposition to Prophetic Ministry pt. 1/2- 2015 instructed by Pastor, Prophet Keith Douglas- Kingdom of God World Outreach Center- Oklahoma


            She serves as the Pastor of Destiny Worship Center International Ministries, in Vienna Georgia.  She has traveled extensively ministering at Women’s Conferences, Youth conferences, Men and Women’s Day Programs, Church/ Pastor’s Anniversaries, community events/outreach and wherever the Lord has opened doors for her to travel. She is an anointed Psalmist, Teacher, and Mentor. She pushes and pulls individuals to be all that the Lord has purposed for them to be. She has written “The Other Side of Through”, book of Inspirational Poetry that is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She has also written “Daddy’s Daughters”, and the "Keys to Life Series", both available on Dr. Johnson is now penning “From My Desk to You Daily Devotional” and additions to the "Keys to Life Series". She understands that God has begun a good work in her, and will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Through fasting, praying and studying the Word of God, she continues to grow, so that she will be a vessel that glorifies God in her body and in her spirit, which are God’s. Matthew 6: 31-33 and Proverbs 4: 1-7 offers tremendous guidance to Prophetess Johnson as the Lord knows exactly what she needs and if she hungers eagerly first, for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything else is already lined up; She understands that Godly wisdom is principal and with all thy getting to get an understanding and has purposed in her heart that, “Lord if you can use anything, use me to exhort, comfort and encourage the Body of Christ”.